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Taidelähtöinen toiminta paikallisen ja maaseudun kulttuuriperinnön edistämiseksi

Description and objectives

The objective of this IO is to create a non formal, art based pedagogical set of activities to be used in the framework of (language) learning, cultural education and mediation and professional communication, in order to enhance interactive online exchange, to  promote immaterial and material local/rural cultural heritage, and to foster social and networking skills.

These non-formal educational tools have a triple scope of action:

a) they encourage and promote the creation of sustainable relational networks among participants /professional interlocutors,

b) they allow people living in places far from cultural and metropolitan centres to benefit from interactive cultural events,

c) they reinforce the construction and deployment of cultural identity through the enhancement of rural or regional heritage.

This module aims to cover the following interactive situations:

  • meetings of groups of learners in the context of language learning/teaching
  • virtual professional encounters with craftsmen and the various crafts of regional and/or rural culture
  • cultural and interactive board game, aimed at a public of individuals, highlighting the local and/or rural heritage and gathering socially isolated people living in rural areas or far from cultural centres
  • virtual cultural visits dedicated to local and/or rural heritage, offering complementary or addition information in relation to on-site visits of monuments, cultural institutions or artists’/artisans’ workshops

Target group

  • -All social actors, especially those from rural, remote areas and inhabitants
  • -Local cultural educators/mediators, cultural stakeholders on regional or local level, NGOs, cultural event organizers
  • -Craftsmen and representatives of regional/rural culture, administrators of local cultural heritage
  • -Language learners in group, language teachers

Tangible results

Manual containing a collection of sample activities for each of the above mentioned four situations, including:

  • -a set of activities, supplemented with background documents related to local cultural heritage, adapted to different communication situations
  • -a complete kit of an interactive cultural board game, with several activity alternatives to suit a wide range of participant numbers and profiles; all accessible online and downloadable from the project website (see Resources 4)
  • -an instruction guide for professionals to help them to create their own kit, potentially by including their own public; a roadmap for accreditation to make it available on our project website a detailed guide to the adaptability of all the proposed activities to a wide range of cultural mediation situations and to multiple target audiences.




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