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Resources 3

Evaluation and Training for virtual exchange and digital competences.

Tangible results

– A video analysis method, explained through concrete examples (typical sequences in which we observe how the learner constructs his or her learning object with the mediator or another learner; sequences where an artisan presents an object of his or her creation to a visitor/customer)

– An example of training based on video analysis and language practices: how to create interactivity during a virtual exchange.


– video recording of virtual exchange interactions

– analysis through transcription of verbal exchanges (inspired by conversational analysis)

– interactional analysis of speech turns, participants’ gestures, their reading practice and others

– selection of typical turn-taking sequences to identify the best ways to interact, as well as the problems that may emerge during these exchanges and the ways to solve them.

Product format

– presentation of the method: how to film, how to analyze the video

– presentation of extracts from the corpus collected during the module 2

– training kit (self-evaluation grid; didactic presentation of extracts, etc.).


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